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Our Mission & Strategy

Our Mission is to expand the Borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Our Strategy is to restore 1st Century principles and practice to  21st Century Christianity by Training, Equipping, and Releasing Christian Leaders. 

Practical Training

We accomplish our Mission by leading FREE online study courses with Training and Coaching.  We are equipping and releasing leaders to begin Home Congregations in their community.

Personal Coaching

We utilize all the resources of the internet to continue the support, encouragement, activation, and personal coaching.  Our Training and Resource page can be seen here:  https://HomeCongregations.org

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For more information on new Training and Coaching courses, or to Register for the FREE “BOOTCAMP” – 12 Week Online Study Course To help You Begin A Home Congregation, Message us here:

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We utilize Zoom for Coaching


You do not need to have Zoom on your computer to enroll in a class.  However, you do need to have a smart phone, laptop, or computer equipped with microphone and camera, and a good internet connection.


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