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Omega Kingdom Ministry is involved with the coordination and assisting of locally owned and operated homes/facilities for abused children and young teens throughout the country.  Our Alliance National Coordinator is Mr. James Heath.  Listed below are sites and points of contacts that may be contacted regarding the temporary placement of abused kids into Christian based settings for spiritual, physical and mental healing and socialization.

Omega Kingdom Ministry Homes 4 Kids foster care vision is to provide training required by states in the United States, US territories and the Nations. Our ministry is ordained to provide faith-based training to parents ministering to abused kids in Christian based settings for spiritual, physical, mental healing and socialization.

This is a free service offered from the compassion of a father’s heart – any contribution is much appreciated to help defer ministry expenses.

The ministry is seeking Christian adults who are called to assist with your God given talents in support to this initiative.  In particular, we seek skills and expertise in areas including:

– Judicial Court System
– Social Services
– MSW (Masters-Social Work)
– Small construction/building contractor
– Mental Health
– Home Schooling
– Pet Therapies
– Personal Skills Development/Coaching
– Foster Care
– Small business management
– IT back office management

Please fill out the form below and we will add you to our database for updates and how you can assist as the needs arise at the locations we support.  If you know or have a current facility that wishes to participate and be involved in housing abused kids and be a part of our alliance, please contact our home office at okmhomeoffice@gmail.com

Current Alliance Locations and Points of Contact:

Mary Allery | mjallery@gmail.com
PO Box 7342
Fargo, ND 58106
For donations:



Homes 4 Kids
Bridgeton, NC 28519

James Heath | jheath777@gmail.com
Bridgeton, NC


PO Box 332
Strasburg Co 80136-0332

E-mail Alan Hoeffner | reclamationranch777@gmail.com.
PH 303-622-4901

Family First Prevention Services Act Handout



For donations, contact the POCs above directly. We cannot accept any donations for them at Omega Kingdom Ministry.

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